My first ever experience of blogging starts now…

My name is Kia Kenny and I am enrolled in EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy course through USQ Semester 2, 2016. This is the final semester of my three year Bachelor of Early Childhood degree.

I believe, ICT (information and communications technology) to be a fundamental tool required to foster and enhance deeper learning while exposing students to a skill set needed for a successful future. I am eager to explore how ICTs are being implemented within Australian primary schools successfully.

Networking with friends and other students I hear stories of teachers being able to ‘swish’ what is on the board to a student’s tablet… Is this true?!? Also, I recall during the Diversity course a discussion about learning modifications using ICT being both highly efficient and effective. Efficient and effective teaching now that is what I want to learn!

Fumbling through the pre-course material I feel overwhelmed with workload and the abundance of unfamiliar information fills me with doubt. During my ‘moodling’ (moodle book reading) it suggests to view past blogs and the first blog I click on is … https://lizsmithuni2015edc3100.com/ … Skimming over this student’s blog has me worried about the semester I am about to face, at the same time, the authentic raw emotion of blogging captivates me.

I look forward to the learning. I look forward to being challenged. I look forward to improving my ICT skills. I look forward to finding some cool resources (that hopefully ‘swish’ information around the classroom from one device to another)!

Kia K


One thought on “Fumbling

  1. Liking how you consolidate new knowledge, share your thinking and learning through this organised Blog space …liking the visuals and finding as I read your sharing and reminders strengthening my own understandings. Thank you😎


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