What is ICT to me? How do I learn ICT?

To be ICT is technologies… A massive umbrella full of all different kinds of technology (which I am sure are catorgorised in some way or another but, at this point in time they are just all one collect term to me). A technology can be a computer, TV, iphone, tablet, or digital camera. It can also be a computer program, an app, or social media forum. ICT also is a subject or class title or a processing system but, is not limited to this….

Am I on the right path?


I learn ICT best by doing and exploring myself first. I like to have a basic play (or fumble) then refer to the ‘how to’ info. I have trouble learning new things if the subject matter is totally foreign, I need to have a grasp on at least the underlying concepts.

For example downloading an app on my iphone – got that down packed. Apps on my computer that was a bit harder to swallow…I knew what the concept of an app was then I explored how to move, acquire, and work the computer apps before throwing my hands up in defeat and clicking on the help button.

I used to get it. I used to just know what to do. I used to just know how hings worked but, somewhere along the line technology became to advanced for me. The term ICT now is so broad and covers sooooo much under the umbrella term I am unsure how to explain how I learn. I guess to the medium used would also impact on how I learn new ICT… hmmm? I have confused myself now in deep conflicting thoughts… Hopefully some of what I have said makes sense.

Well one thing is clear – ICT and pedagogy is a course I need to engage in to refine my skills and thoughts on the subject.

Kia K


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