Reflection – Week 0

So I decided at the end of each week (usually a Wednesday) I would do a final recap blog to reflect and keep those assignment requirements ticking over.

I have made my way part through week 1 and decided to stop as until a fair amount of content is tweaked (not twerked) as I’d prefer to study in blocks and not stagnated over three days. So by next week as the tweaking continues I’d like to sit at least 1 week ahead as my other subject is Science and Science and I … we have an even more challenging relationship than ICT… And that’s why they’re my last to subject šŸ™‚

So this week I made some contacts and engaged in some networking with other course bloggers and just today I learnt that I can follow them! See I am learning already!

I am wowed by Minhee’s set up on her blog it looks so professional.

Jane and I are both completing our BECH’s so I will definitely keep a close eye on her blog!

I have had a look at the assignments and feel confident but am hoping there is no Pupil free day on the first day of term 4 as the forth week of that month (catch up week I fly out for vacation). Anyway, I have come across some sites that may or may not meet the copyright standards (yet to learn) which I thought I’d link for future reference.

Really basic fundamentals to learn about ICT.

Some basic lesson plans here that may generate ideas.

A WordPress blog of some cool ICT ideas for teachers which I definitely want to explore more.

Lastly, I have everything installed and ready to go on my laptop and my big computer tells me Diigo isn’t being allowed to download because firefox said so… So safe to say until I get my head around that hick up I will be primarily on the laptop!

Kia K



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