Getting Organised

Today is officially Week 1 day 1!

Today I visited our base school ‘Puckapunyal Primary’ and am excited to be approved and a room has already been allocated to me. A composite of year 1 and 2… How exciting! While at the school my co-coordinator instructed me Pucka Primary is a ‘BYOD’ school… I’m sorry a what?? That’s a new term to me but, the acronym stands for ‘Bring Your Own Device’… as in an iPad.

While on the school’s web page I found the list of required and suggested apps to download on each child’s mandatory Ipad! I do not know what shocked me most – the fact iPad are regarded as a required piece of schooling equipment from prep or that there are an apps ‘booklist’, so to speak! Well, I need to free up some space on the iPad and get to the app store pronto so I can explore and share some apps and for anyone interested here’s the link for you to explore too…

Other grades can be sourced from the school website.

Well I am excited about prac! I am a little scared as it will be my first in school prac as all my previous placements and working experience has been in long daycare settings.

Time to dive into this weeks content 🙂

Kia K


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