What is ICT?

Well week 1 is well underway!

This week we looked at what an ICT is and one thing that stuck is that ICT is both singular and plural and there is no need for an ‘s’ and definitely no need for a ”s’. Also this week we took a quiz and my first result was pretty damn dismal. The quiz looked at what was and wasn’t an ICT.

Two photos I got were wrong were a light bulb and an overhead projector. The light bulb is installed then manipulated via media (ie an iPad) once I realised what it was I accepted that picture. Than the overhead projector it uses light and mirrors to transport information onto the wall which I thought with the element of ‘communication’ and ‘sharing information’ would be an ICT however it’s not.

This confuses me but, after reading this weeks material I think… as it isn’t made up of numbers (binary) and generates through technologies but rather just broadcast by lights and mirrors it there for isn’t a digital technology… I think.

There was also an analog TV which I got correct but, I thought a TV wasn’t a technology in the sense of a DVD itself isn’t unless it’s played. But, upon reflection that makes no sense and in fact the TV not being an ICT was similar to the above! That the TV is analog and not digital.

We then looked at schema (a concept I believe). What we know allows us to forecast and predict with our personal bias mind. This was proven with a ‘fill in the blanks’ exercise. We all work in early childhood and there for our answers were generated around children, mums, families etc.

I read (but, can not recall where) that an older lady with no children and only pets used the passage to discuss cats and dogs. Also, I found a blog that demonstrates the similarities between a pre-service teacher and a mother of two.


When in actual fact it was about a chicken farmer…

The questions that poultrymen face as they raise chickens from incubators to adult are not easy to answer. Both farmers and merchants can become concerned when health problems such as coccidiosis arise anytime after the egg stage to later life. Experts recommend that young chicks should have plenty of sunshine and nutritious food for healthy growth.Bantees and geese should not share the same barnyard or even be in the same roost. They may be afraid of the dark.

However I do feel this paragraph was chosen and letters left in to directly sway us but, never the less it does show how our schema does influence how we view and predict information.

So how do schema impact our ICT study? They are problematic. Why? Because our brains make bias assumptions, predictions while reading patterns that lead to misconceptions and lack of understanding of how to use ICT and why.

Opaque learning is the inability to see why something works the way it does nor properly understand how it does so. Through trial and error learning (my way of ICT learning) you fumble and may find surface uses but you don’t get the full package. Additionally, you may be doing a task the hardest possible way – yep sounds about right.

So lots to take on

What is an ICT – well it’s NOT analog and it is generated through digits.

Schema – what you experience and know leads your thoughts and predictions based on pattern reading.

Opaque – glazed over view of ICT where you get the gist but you may be wrong due to schema or not get the full picture. The full picture leads to deeper understanding and know how.

Brain fried

Kia K



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