Reflection – Week 1

This week, although just Tuesday, is my ‘Uni’ week done. I still monitor forums, read up on assignments, and complete reading for other subjects but, the core content from Study Desk is done for me in most part by this time on a Tuesday.

So reflections…

I am not computer illiterate by any means but, somewhere along the line I lost my know how. I don’t like change and I think the overwhelming leaps forward have made me recluse and become frustrated with technology. 2010, to me lets keep technology there (in the sense of Windows not having apps and word and excel being much easier to navigate. Iphones had enough to keep you occupied and weren’t too precious that they’d explode on the thought of being dropped.

So yes, these leaps forward have given us awesome things! I particularly love the short movie of the desktop covered in crap becoming condensed to one machine, aka convergence (2016). But, to me on the game Minecraft making a phone that works in a virtual world by using apps is too advanced for me to even fathom. Cool, well done – you are clearly very clever and have a gift but, lets use your gift to block trolls on social media and prevent suicides instead!

I just think Why? WHY?… WhY?… Seriously WHY? Why couldn’t we just be happy with what we have and just stick to it. Why do we need all these new things other than for entertainment purposes? We can talk to anyone in the world and see anyone in the world at the click of the button. Our internet works and although there may be dodgey times  or areas it really isn’t that bad. Try being plugged into a wall a mere 10 years ago (cue dial tone). We have what we need to work effectively, as argued by Friedman, 2007, in a ‘flat world’ and can complete business deals, study, invest, and so forth. We are there! I think we need to pull in the reigns a little before we blow ourselves up either through technology or by our heads exploding from frustration at all these changes!

How are you feeling?

Technology causes many feelings (as depicted above) however, personally a common feeling of frustration arises. Frustration occurs for me when I do not understand what I am doing with an ICT or when it doesn’t work the way I think it should. I thought about frustration and what frustrates me in regards to ICT here’s a quick glance into my mind while studying. A quick bit of background information – I bought a new computer just days ago and am setting it up for this semester, here I go…

ICT – “I don’t know what add-ons are or how to remove or fix them, fine I just won’t use it. Gahh, the computer is freezing when connecting to one drive, seriously I just want to save it and not loose my work. What, word doesn’t look like word anymore I want to type and make a table, what are Macros? I’ll just calculate this… where’s my calculator? Why is it in an App store but, I have an XBox button on my start bar, really?

This course – “Oh yey content is up! Moodle what’s a moooooodle? Looks cool but, so slow to operate. Hmmm which book did I see that info in again? Print how do I print? Oh cool found print, so ‘print’ that page with date info. What it printed with a code for entry “Startdate” “enddate” but the screen shows the dates?!? Aghhh, I’ll just write it in then…”


Just a bit of fun and I am enjoying this course and fumbling with my new computer just as much as I simultaneously fumble with Diigo and Feedly. The blogging though – I seem to like it 🙂

On a final note, I have been looking at other blogs and they are just starting to pop up and blossom now but, I saw on Maria’s page a picture that made me smile after unleashing my above tirade …

One last thing, I hope to do a blog this week about ‘Protean’. That concept or meaning did not resonate with me so I will be researching that term to try make sense of it!


Kia K



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