Protean and Way Stations

Protean – named after a Greek god of sea changes – is the word given to the flexibility of ICT uses.

Protean baffled me at first but, after further listening to the Way Station I get it! This word is used to explain the infinite forms, function, and uses of digital technologies. Computers and other ICT can be flexible and ca be made to work better for you or used to complete different functions than once before (or once known before).

Together ICT protean, unstable nature, and opaque workings create FrUsTraTioN! That many of us feel or experience when using ICT.

Speaking of the Way station… The way station that is on past my bedtime! I fell asleep during last nights. eeeek. I can’t find the recording but, I envision David asking me a question and then everyone pondering why I didn’t answer – bahaha – once I find the recording I will know the extent of my embarrassment!

For future reference here’s where the Way Stations will be stored but, last nights is still not available…

I never realized when you google a subjects code and relevant word how many footsteps are left behind! I can google all of last semester way stations but aghhh still not last nights.

Just googled myself and I am outweighed by the Kia care regardless of my last name being entered. However half way down is my FB page search of all Kia Kenny’s, then there are a heap of Kia Kenny’s who use there name in there FB URL… Interesting but, hahaha stalkers there isn’t alot on me 😛

Kia K


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