Concept Mapping

Oh dear me!

So one of this week’s learning path activities was to make a concept map of why or why not I use ICT in my pedagogy at my ‘somewhere’.


I can see where I am going but the over arching look screams ‘technology challenged’ or ‘formatting fail’. I couldn’t even figure out how to right the Why and Why Not at the top of the page, nor could I work out how to make new main heading bubbles (like ICT Availability and Way things are done, and so forth) so just tried to link them and use colours.

Next issue I couldn’t figure out how to save so I took a screen shot, then pasted it into word, then cropped it, then copied that into paint, and in paint I then saved it as a jpg/ image file. Very tricky way of doing it but, I had to laugh. It’s my schema that lead me to this and I would classify this as doing something due to ‘way things are done’.

I looked at some other bloggers mind maps and really liked this one   by learningtoteach101 ( This student refers to and if time allows I will try to redo my concept map using this program.

Lastly, during the process of expanding my PLN (Personal Learning Network) I have stumbled across this site. I think it’ll be a rich resource as the opening line spells it all out ‘cool tools for the  21st century classroom’ (

Kia K


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