Learning how to fish

Probably one of my top 5 analogies I’ve ever heard. SO ICT & Pedagogy course EDC3100 will not teach me how to use ICT but, rather equip me with the skill set to continue to find, use, and learn about new ICT.

Learn how to fish… Not give you the fish.

What is a new ICT? New to me, new to students, newly developed, newly made available, new concept, old program new way, newly discovered uses or commands of old software… anything not already mastered by me…

Boat, Fishing, Tropic, Ocean

Hahaha so at the end of Week 2 I do feel like the above FREE TO USE image. “Abandon ship!!”

In the barometer it asked me how I feel after completing week two and I clickes “Confused” and wrote in the other box “lost”.

So why? I mastered week 1 in the end and am content with my understanding of ICT, Protean, Opaque, Unstable… Digital technologies… and the list of new vocab continues…

I honestly think it’s the copyright rules. Also, if I don’t understand a part of a module I read the whole module then reflect back and see how things interlocked or weaved together or not… I guess as we still have another week of this module left I won’t really know how I feel overall about what’s learnt until I have all the pieces tot he puzzle and can see all the connections etc.

So copyright has lost me and the layout of the course is adding to my confusion as I can’t work in the way I usually would. Ironic. No that ties into the ICT reasoning of ‘It’s the way it’s always been done’.

I hope the way station this week will help clarify some things for me!Which reminds me -agghhh there are lectures for this course. Maybe that will help me. Why they are not on the main study desk page is beyond me…

Kia K





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