Reflection – Week 2

So I stayed awake for the whole way station tonight (yey go me)… My feedly doesn’t show the same as David’s and I can’t see whole group updates that resemble an email screen. So anyways, my suggested teacher came up during conversation and she hasn’t posted in 90 days (eek my bad) so I have found a more active teacher blog. I actually gym with a teacher from my prac school so when we cross paths again I will ask her for some tips!

Lesson plans! I wrote one, I think it’s pretty usable. However, David subtly hinted during the way station it’d probably be better to familiarize ourselves with using int earner sourced plans  and that this may help for future assignments… spoiler alert! I will remain with mine as I followed the last book of this week and worked along with it in part…

However, If anyone is struggling I found this past student who has CC her lesson plan for us to utilise.

Additionally, here is the book page David directed me to, in getting started on sourcing others that are of acceptable use… These may be copyrighted to check how diligent we are being but, this was the general direction he sent me…

So writing my lesson plans and even completing my EDC3160 Assignment (meshing the two subjects learnings together, I like my style!) the following info has been a huge help putting my teaching practices together. Lesson plan structures  and I do, you do, we do .

Lastly, these pictures and there copyrights, gahhhhh. So this week I found a site – check. Started embedding pictures – check. Pretty proud of myself – check… The realised I haven’t put the little wording underneath below that makes it all hunky dorey – UNCHECK 😦

So at the way station David (who was seemingly full of answers that I needed tonight) pointed out this bad boy… Image Codr. I don’t know how or why but it’s already on my toolbar but, I am going to give it a whirl and as he demonstrated I should just go to flickr image and copy a html link and it’ll do it all for me … Wish me luck!

So good ol’ Pixabay (my fav) states ‘No attribution required’… So I suggest getting on that train!

Hook, Check Mark, Yes, Consent, Done, Ticked Off, Check

But I want to work out this whole flickr/ imagecodr thing… and quite frankly I have a bit of time to kill while the coffee I inhaled to stay awake for the latest tut (way station) ever wears off…

Success I just had to change the image filter to Creative Comms only! I’m getting this now 🙂


Kia K


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