Cheese and Whiskers – RAT

Mouse, Rat, Ride, Mouse Trap, Hamelin, Animal

I am trying to get a handle of the RAT model.

The RAT model is then broken down again into a SLIC model.

Lets break these acronyms down:

R – Replacement > different ways to teach the same stuff

A – Amplification (enhance) > practice/ instruction is more efficient, effective, or productive

T – Transformation > a new instruction, way, or learning is invented

SL – Student Learning > thinking processes, tasks, motivation and attitudes

I – Instructional methods > teachers role, interactions with students, assessment, PD, preparation and administration

C – Curricula goals > Knowledge and experiences gained from instruction

Technology it’s not about having lots it’s about how you use it (meaning R from RAT is not enough, SL from SLIC)

Learning visually and auditory is called ‘Dual Coding’ and an effective pedagogy practice (A from RAT, I from SLIC).

Encyclopedias were books, then a disc, then an online subscription site, now Wikipedia an open encyclopedia where anyone can add and edit it. (T from RAT).

Technologies now has it’s own strand in the Australian Curriculum (C from SLIC)

Broken down like this I think it’s pretty straight forward and I’m pretty sure I get it. However, is this my opinion and perception against the marker’s?

The best analogy for me to get my head around the RAT model is the encyclopedia and generally went back and referred to that in my head as I completed my assignment RAT graph.

I think I will have to refer back to this information again for Assignment 2, it is not something I am competent and confident with just yet.

Pretty straight forward post but, I want this on my wall for me to refer back to

Kia K


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