Strong emotional reactions from ICT use

Issues with visual games and virtual worlds is an interest of mine. In a technology driven world I am worried about my son who breaks down and is uncontrollable if the iPad is taken away. We have created a chart of 10 good choices = an iPad reward. This has helped as he can see the iPad time coming but, despite a 5 minute warning the come down is bad.I wonder how teachers and schools as a whole handle children who also suffer from these breakdowns and situations like this.

I found the issues link interesting especially the ethical concerns that state “People can have strong emotional reactions after they leave immersive environments. Unanticipated psychological effects created by the strong illusion of virtual worlds may pose new risks. Researchers (such as Madary and Metzinger) are beginning to raise awareness of possible risks and propose recommendations for reducing them.”

Firstly, I am glad I am not the only person experiencing this  but, I wonder how the schools are going to control and handle this. Children get fixated and stuck in realities and can become unstable as their brains try to come back to reality. Does this impact the time and the uses of ICT in the early childhood sectors including Foundation, year 1, and 2? I wonder if these downers becomes easier as the child matures. I wonder if it can also be directly related to developmental delays and other learning delays, disabilities, and barriers?

We are talking about how great ICT is and how it has and does and will continue to transform the world. But, what about our littlies. I first hand can see the benefits and when my son asked just the other week what the fuel tanker toy he was holding was we got straight onto you tube and watched a video of fuel tankers filling up petrol stations browsers then people fueling their cars. I see the wonderful tool it is… But, I wonder if these small minds can hand the two realities and if these melt downs are an effect that can create long term impacts or emotional implications to little ones. Surely not?!?! I wonder if ICT use under 5 will be as taboo as adults smoking – it was believed to be great once too.

Just a different view or thought to break the blog up a bit.

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