Reflection – Week 3

Leading on from previous weeks we’ve been asked to find our somewhere and a blog relating to it. I ran into a teacher at my practical school and she nor any of the staff have a blog. She did mention Edmondo an app she uses often and referred to it as ‘Facebook for kids’. She elaborated with homework and book club examples. She has made a book club group for her class where she will ask them to read two texts then vote and discuss on this app/ forum/ kids Facebook which they liked and why. She believes its fantastic communication with her class. They also have a group for each child in the grade, the school, senior school, etc.

To start the week we were questioned ‘are digitial technologies making us anti social?’ I clicked true but to me it was not a black and white true, seemingly simular thoughts to Siohion. Which I am grateful I came across her blog which lead me to Maree’s blog where she introduces us to the word ‘Phubbing’… which I love!

Maree describes Phubbing as “the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.”… Anyways, the true I selected reluctantly was WrOnG. It’s a yes and no, which I would have selected if it was an option. Yes technology is around us in ample amounts but it is us who choose to look at the screen rather than talk. This reminds me of signs I have seen whilst in line at the shops which state ‘If you’re on you’re phone we won’t serve you’. It a societal choice to let technologies make us unsocial. We choose to chat via Facebook to someone we’ve never met, used to know, live miles away. It’s our choice to ‘talk’ to this person rather than the one in front of us… Well that is definitely Phubbing 🙂

Also, this week we explored RAT model which I found a useful model and Denise agrees. She adds “Pedagogical reasoning provides opportunities for teachers to make connections with their schools by accessing equipment, infrastructure and support, following procedures and so on”. In the weekly lecture David mentions to get a HD for Assignment two we need to create a unit plan that transforms learning through ICT. Oh dear meeee, sou ds like quite a challange but, I can try ?!?!

Kia K


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