Assignment 1 Submitted



Yep it’s that time again. First assignment of the semester is submitted and I hope I do well. I have double checked it all and feel confident. I am a little worried it is marked off the choices of the marker but, I am sure they’ll be informed choices.

Lucky I reread the assignment submission info as I didn’t realize you had to additionally attach the lesson plan too. This is stated on page 1 of the Assignment 1 moodle book or for current students… here! I have also added a note to the facebook page in the hope no one forgets.

Off subject but here’s a link to reading eggs which I want to look into if not for my teaching but, for my son. It’s an Australian recourse that is utilized by many schools and kindies. I read in a forum post that they also do lesson plans.

Lastly, I came across Bobbie’s blog about a kindly reminder and thought it was a lovely passage to start my week.

So now I am about to dive into module 2… Here goes 🙂

Kia K.


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