Assessment Evidence FAIL

I’m lost!


Yep, that’s definitely NOT me, but copyright issues prevail… Assessment types – formative and summative (GOT IT). Formative offer FFFFF Feedback which is individualized and related to the summative criteria standards (GOT IT). Summative assessment is related directly to the syllabis/ Curriculum document (GOT IT). The criteria from the syllabis…. (LOST!) what?!

Am I coping words or segments over from the elaborations or the scope or the yearly descriptor or all or none? But then I read we don’t make our own assessment criteria… Does that mean off the top of our heads or we can’t tweak the wording of the curriculum?

Luckily, Queenslanders have QCAA do it all for you but in Victoria that is not the case. In fact, I can’t even find much on the Victorian Curriculum let alone the standard elaborations… I think THIS may be as close as I will get… I am assuming as I learn this and try to action it simultaneously I am struggling to grasp the concept. I cant grasp something I don’t understand therefore, am getting lost…

I looked at examples and I just can’t see how the information transpires or crosses over. An exampler I have opened has these phrases….”Receptive modes
Evidence of listening, reading and viewing”…. aghhhh where did that term just appear from? I searched the Australian Curriculum and the word “RECEPTIVE” does not come up on any of the page I was looking at… So what am I missing?


So I am going to re read the moodle book tomorrow and see if I can pinpoint where I ventured off the path and fell straight off the cliff!

Having another unsuccessful event and I can not get Diigo to work on my desktop so I shall try on my mobile but here is my PCK link I want to share… PCK is another  new acronym we learned during module 4 and it is Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Know your stuff before you teach is what I get from the term. Gain knowledge and understanding from the Curriculum, Curriculum resource documents, experience and literature. Teachers who have been around should have a strong PCK and just ‘know’ common (familiar year level) misconceptions, best ways to learn, experiences that never fail, hard concepts for them to grasp, easy concepts for them to grasp, how to differentiate for all the children etc etc etc…

Enjoy all the resources in my last two posts! I love adding them particularly for my own reference!

Feel free to comment where you think I fell off the cliff as I ventured off the learning path.

Kia K



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