Assignment 2 Draft

So this week’s learning path took me all day but each page I read I implemented immediately into assignment 2. My draft is not static and I am sure it will change, reform, grow, take a step back, and maybe change direction. So as I was constructing my knowledge this week I additionally, transformed my knowledge of the concept simultaneously 🙂

My path was not an easy one through I have hit an area I just can’t grasp but I will address that in a future blog. This blog is all about what I have achieved so far!

So my context:

Year 1, English, understanding and creating stories using apps.

I found this book creating app and chose this instantaneously as my summative assessment (as I stated above – very likely to change as my unit plan comes together).

So that is me working backwards – I know what I want to achieve, an app generated book…

So where is my somewhere? Although we can choose anywhere I chose my actual to start me generating ideas to help with my prac. I do not intent to do this app book with my prac class but, I see it warming up my brain to start channeling ideas and finding fitting resources for my prac.

My prac school i unique and I wanted to showcase this so used information bout my school, ie how many teachers etc, but due to the assessment stating not to use actual school names I originally called it Kenny Primary as a reference to my last name!

So my somewhere is in Victoria and Victoria for some reason think they know more about education and have created their own curriculum that is a replica of the Australian Curriculum but, apparently has fewer typos and is significantly MORE HARDER to navigate around.

Which leads me to my hurdle. The assessment info. I will go into it in more detail but, I am lost to what my criteria, standards, and descriptions are and where they fall on the document and in the rubric. I found Victoria’s poor excuse of a QCAA document which just made me more confused as to what it was and if it’s the right document… Seriously Victoria, if it’s not broken don’t fix it! Any comments and feedback would be great but this here is the page that came up when I googled ‘Year 1 standard elaborations Victoria’.

So below is the beginning of my unit plan. “Why I live in Kenny”. I will further unpack that the students at ‘Kenny’ are attending a very different school and that although the stability in their family lives and schooling lives may create issues as they develop, I want them to recognize that the other students share similar stories and they can relate to one another. I want the students to learn about there favourite subjects (themselves, their family, and their friends) while additionally uncovering something deep seeded in our beliefs – the pride of serving.


School: Kenny Primary school is a small primary school with approximately 100 children. Every child who attends the school has at least one parent enlisted in the military and serving at the Kenny Army Barracks. Kenny is a town in a semi remote Victoria approximately one-hour north of Melbourne and fifteen minutes outside of neighbouring town Sean. Kenny is a high security gated community only accessible to military personnel and their families.

The school has 15 staff members, 10 of which are teachers. Two classes have job share teachers (including this class) and most grades are composites with all senior school (grade 4-6) being in one class. The class dynamics and structures are reviewed yearly and adjusted to meet demand.

The students are likely to only attend the school for no more than three years as this aligns with a typical army posting cycle. Behavioural issues are high amongst the students and many children are only too used to moving around the country, making new friends yearly, and living with the serving parent often away.

Although a semi remote location the school has readily available and fast access National Broadband Wi-Fi.


Students:  At the beginning of the year students engaged in a Unit of Work (UoW) about themselves and their family. During this unit plan they were able to broaden their vocabulary of family, strengthen their spelling skills, and begin to construct short sentences about themselves and their family.

Kenny Primary is a BYOD (Bring your own device) school and it is mandatory for each student to have an iPad. The daily use of the iPad from Foundation year has resulted in students being familiar and confident in using them.


Special Events: The unit plan begins during the last week of March and concludes the week prior to ANZAC Day. Each student’s story will be displayed on monitors around the Kenny Primary hall for parents to view during ANZAC day. This unit plan is implemented early in the year to additionally help to settle new students in by making connections with other students through simular stories.


Staff: There are 10 teaching staff members at Kenny Primary and a handful of support staff. There is a mix of male and female teachers and most are recent graduates from neighbouring towns. There are a few support staff that are parents or partners of serving military members. In this class the teachers job share.


So this is likely to change ALOT as I refine it and take out irrelevant information etc but, this is my initial mind SPLAT!


Kia K


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