Learning Plan Goodness

I start my week on a similar journey to Bobbie, in search of some ICT to enhance our learning plan goodness. It’s been nice reading some follow student’s blogs especially student’s who are at a similar study schedule as me. Denise’s contexts are quite alike to mine and upon further investigating are year 3 English strands where mine are year 1. She has taken a different direction, however still English with a similar outcome, so I will be keeping a look out on her blog for some app and ICT ideas event though they may not be age appropriate they may stimulate thought.

So I am just going to note some resources below that I think may be of interest to me (and you the reader)… I will hopefully evaluate them or reiterate the good/ appropriate for my lessons as I progress through the creation of my learning plan.


But, so they are not lost here goes:


K-6 Literacy ideas

Australian Curriculum lessons

Essential Questions exemplar


Class Dojo – Individual feedback/ interactions with parents/ behaviour monitoring

Little Bird Tales – Book creator, easier and possibly more suited to year 1 then previously mentioned app ‘book creator’

Noun, Verb, Adverbs – testing ‘game’ app. I wish it sent results to teacher! I want to find like a work sheet app that sends all the results to the teacher (I COPYRIGHT THIS IDEA!!)

And finally… I want to have a play with the App Crawler – which is a great idea. David wrote in week 5 he went to google when on prac and asked to teach… you know where I went … to the App Store! So App Crawler to me is an transforming idea!

I shall return for more blogging as I continue to progress through week 5.

Kia K




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