Reflection – Week 4

My Reflection for week 4 has been delayed as I usually do it after the weigh station. By doing this practice I really think about (and generally ask a mere 1000 questions during the weigh station) and use this reflection post to put all my final constructed thoughts together.

The weigh station didn’t go a head so I 1. forgot to do it and 2. really had nothing new to recap on.

So, I have one outstanding issue from week 4 and that is the criteria. I am hoping its a case of ‘dribs and drabs’ learning (ie having module slowly given to use over 3 weeks) or I’ve missed something BIG (more probable scenario)… I just can’t get my head around where, what, or how the criteria is done. I have temporarily created my own based of the language and learning objectives.. this may be right?

I have been predominantly looking at the year Prep sampler and I think the markers comments have thrown me a curve ball and are making me confused with comments like “you’ve created your own criteria”… That comment has now made me second guess myself and I’m like ‘Well if he can’t create his own criteria where are these magical criteria written in black and white??’….

And, hold up padlet, I think I have just answered my own question. It’s not in black and white but possibly old mate who wrote the Prep sampler was totally just pulling random criteria out thin air ie ‘smiled while he read the book’ > It doesn’t read that but, I am merely exaggerating for my own concept analysis.


Lastly, Assignment 1 is submitted as per previously posted. Woo Yeah Wahooo.

I read this blog and was like hold up! I missed that post of David’s… Well I hope I score well ‘cos apparently after this one it’s all down hill – aghhhh.

Kia K


2 thoughts on “Reflection – Week 4

  1. Hi Kia!

    Your blog has been great to read and reflect on for my own learning. I have also found the criteria tricky. It seems quite abstract to me and the learning for this course feels like it’s all over the place. There is no particular document or easily accessible lecture on the process of identifying the correct criteria. To be honest, I have looked at lots of examples and guessed the rest. I did get a few of my teacher friends to check it though and they are happy with it. So, I suppose that’s the only thought I could offer you – look at examples, make your best choice and hopefully we will get another go at this in another course. I did use the standards elaborations document for grade 1 science heavily. As far as I understand, that’s what we are supposed to do?

    Good luck!



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