Reflection – Week 5

Well criteria is still up there at the top of my ‘ what the?’ list….

I have read through Helena’s blog additionally I’ve noted this forum thread to review along side my assignment sheet as it seems quite similar, and lastly seen David has added an additional book to Week 4. I plan on going through these tonight once the rugrats are asleep as the food I’ve bribed them with may only buy me enough time to complete this post!

I think after the weigh station I had made some progress and just looking briefly at the above links I think I am more on the right track then I was a week ago.

This week was also the week of constructing our 3 learning experiences and I have completed this in rough on my assignment document and will review tonight after I do some more tweaking of criteria etc in the hope it all connects together nicely. I think I’ll also check over the ACARA learning descriptions one last time to ensure they are the most fitting.

Well I am being invaded now by munchkins so I’ll finish quick. But, at the end of this week it’s still week 4 criteria I’m working through cognitively and the learning sequence and three experiences are seemingly being absorbed by my brain quite easily.

My images aren’t working now so I am not going to put pictures up for a few blogs until I get a moment to see why. It says ‘no hot linking’ so I am guessing the way I have uploaded them is incorrect.

Well I hope my blog is pretty with images again soon as I do like the visual added element to cement my thinking.

One last thing Wednesday September 7 is ECE day (Appreciation of Early childhood educators). Show your staff/ colleges/ children’s educators how much you appreciate there hard work!!

Kia K


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