App Splat

I just looked at the time and I need to get my boys from daycare in 8 minutes!

So today reading through and completing as much of Week 6 as possible I cam across a whole heap of App pages. These are useful for feedback. One page mentions Edmodo and Class Dojo which I already have in my Assessment 2 Unit of Work (Shhhh you’re giving away my A&T in RAT ideas *Sigh*).

Anyways links to feedback apps:

About education – giving away what I thought up and researched all on one website, damn it.

Evernote – never heard of it but looks interesting like I could portfolio my own children’s milestones?? need to read more into it but, only have 6 minutes left now!

Plickers – This is a new theory to me where all ‘test’ results are given back to app. I like this and think I copyrighted the idea of something like this in an earlier blog (Clearly I’m years behind the game)…


Finally… Assessment 2. I’m doing good. I have reviewed my big document and although not totally happy with it I am happy with my progress.

I have started my justification but it looks like a big mess at the moment as I am trying to collate 6 weeks of ideas randomly over two word documents that I’ll eventually reduce down into a teenie meenie 500 word essay… Hoping the kidlets will go to sleep early so I can make a good start on that today…. Aghh speaking of kidlets I must go.

Kia K


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