Hellloooo (Adele tune)

Well Helloooo… Week 6 🙂

I am in good spirits as I just reviewed week 4 book re: criteria and I got it right! Woot I felt like I was totally lost but, in fact, until the marker tells me other wise I feel I am on the right path! Go Me!

Hopefully others are feeling my sense of relief too.

Still a silly procedure I feel but, done, check, lets move forward to week ^ work. Last week of Module 2 so I am excited to wrap this assignment up…

I do like in book four how David sympathies with us hahaha.

So I am off to enrich my UoW’s ICT use and will be back no doubt to sook or whinge about something 🙂

Have a good day.

Kia K

Ps- I have tried a new way of displaying pictures… I wonder if it’ll work or be considered a ‘hot link’ or whatever the other images acuse me of .. Gahhhhh!





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