Reflection – Week 6

So last post about assignment two before (fingers crossed I complete/ submit early next week). I think it may be best to keep conpleted to alter with any Ass 1 feedback but, not forget about it! Which I’m sure I won’t.

This week was pretty straight forward no curve balls. I hope my rubric words as the mark decreases is appropriate as there wasn’t too much guidance bar check out other people’s… Unless I missed something which is probable!

Early next week first step reread the whole asignment against the rubric one last time. I wouldnt have looked at it for 3 days so will have a clear mind!

Next week we start prac assosciated  assignment three… I think this will be exciting and I feel like I’ve got the upper hand possibly knowing exactly where my somewhere is including year level and room dynamics (shared teaching, composite class).

Composite classes though I will need to dig deeper on how to teach one with differentiation and scopes and stuff. Should be a good experience!

I’m on my phone so to avoid copyright heres a picture i just took…

Peace out Assignment 2

Kia K



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