Assignment 3 – welcoming committee

Today I reread Assignment 2 and have procrastinated about submitting it as I would really like Assignment 1 feedback and marks back… But, I don’t want to forget to submit it therefore I think before pick up time today I will take the plunge and submit it.

Normally, I know my assignments inside out a week before term starts. This term I read over them quickly but, just focused on what was directly in front of me. I probably did this more so as David mentioned the set up being specifically week 1-3/ Module 1 = Assignment 1 and so forth.


Haha Like most assignments and specifically the final of the semester it definitely hasn’t failed in size. I am part way through this weeks learning path and have had to stop and just reiterate what it all means.

Part a – blog – 12 in total 3×4 weeks. Can blog over prac but, don’t do anything silly or in breach of confidentiality.

Part b – prep and plan essay – can be dot point and use first person. Can’t exceed 1100 weeks (incl 10%). Setting the scene is the first part and second is (i think) discussing theories and frameworks I intent to use or draw from.

Part c – lesson planning – plan/ submit 5 lessons that you’ve planned including the end mini reflection part. First impressions I am not a fan of the start of the lesson plan but, will use unless I can get my primary schools lesson plan.

Part d – evaluation and insights – evaluated and give insights on how prac went. Link to theory not with explanation bar reference (same for part b).

Can complete practically part a-c in most part before or early prac. I have to go to my school before the end of term so I may take part b in with me and do a quick flick and tick and jot notes to get me on my merry way. Also I want to ask the teacher if she has all her planning done and what she is focusing on in some subjects (elaborations) so I can get a head start/ research some ideas for lessons.

Lastly my class is a composite and job share room with behavioral issues. My first impression is no wonder where is the stability with all that half half going on. But, never the less I need to ask about how to approach a composite class as I have never before. Also with job share have they divided the subjects and joint teach the biggies like English and maths? I wonder if they have similar beliefs and goals in regards to how they approach teaching…

So, just wanted to say WOW to Assignment 3. If I hit the ground running I am sure I will get through most of it before prac so I can focus primarily on learning to teach.

Kia K



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