More info to collate and process!

Gahhhh, what a day! I swear David said last week it was a small week this week…

Few more pedagogy thoughts – Gardner & constructionist model – not linked just words to re spark my train of thought to do with Ass 3 references I may need to make additional to Bloom’s in an earlier blog.


What’s my new fear? Technology failure but, never fear… PLAN B IS HERE!

I read a few past student blogs about failing technology… sounds fun :\

Some quick off the cuff thoughts of lack of ICT: learning stations (1/few with ICT), small group work to divide ICT between a few, model for the students/ interactive hands on using the IWB, use own devices, internet etc… Give up (JOKES).

I know my school is a BYOD school (bring your own device) so there’s an iPad per child at the school so I won’t be lacking in ICT… But, this page with some tips to maximize what is available is good.

And the YouTube video I may need to listen to as an internal chant about flexibility! “It’s ok, I am flexible”

An ICT Checklist to check over and aide my Plan B thoughts.


Some more info I WILL need:

Lesson planning information specific to the assignment.

Revisit the backwards model. Holly mentions this design in her blog and how she applied it to assignment 2.

Curriculum + Assessment + Pedagogy = Quality Learning Experience

The TIP model-

1. Determine relative advantage
2. Decide on objectives and assessments
3. Design integration strategies
4. Prepare the instructional environment
5. Revise integration strategies Finger, et al (2007)


So a final quick URL splat for myself of things I’ve gathered from the tail end of this week’s learning path way…

Bee Bots – not sure what this is but, read in a few blogs so I need to look into it.


My fav find this week was Trello. I have my PE to do lists going strong!

Also I learnt if I just click ‘Reader’ at the top left of this page it creates a news feed of all the people I follow – and since feedly is poop and isn’t creating a feed I much prefer this method to following fellow students blogs!

I am going to spend the rest of this weeks luls working on Part B. If I hit a road block I am sure you will hear about it 🙂 And do a final reread of assignment 2 just like ECH.

Kia K


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