What’s my fear??

During learning path week 7 one of the initial questions is what is my fears/ challenges of professional experience?


I didn’t of course put this as my response but, it is to a degree my biggest fear. My experience, workplace, career, other practicals have all taken place in long daycare settings. I haven’t been in a primary school (bar after school care bus pick up) since I graduated year 7!

I am confident with children under 5s behaviour being redirected through distraction or redirection or using the phrase “stop I don’t like it”… School children though I have little experience and just hope the kids listen to me.

Learning content – I can set up a home corner and table top activities better than the average bear… Planning curriculum driven learning experiences I can hypothetically do in assignments but, have never attempted to actually teach one!

Another area I know I know but, am unfamiliar in referencing to are authoritative pedagogies. As mentioned

“Authoritative pedagogies” are the various pedagogical frameworks, models etc that informed your lesson planning/teaching. For example, Bloom’s taxonomy, Habits of Mind.

Actually, I don’t think I have come across habits of mind before? A link for future reference.

Quick link to Bloom’s taxonomy. And the Digital Taxonomy.

An article on TPACK. The equalibrium drawing from technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge.

KWL idea… “I know”, “I want to learn”, “I learned”

I fell across a pedagogical ‘pedpyramid’ for teaching technologies and will link to too for future reference.

Toolbelt Theory -“We, as humans, differ. Our tasks differ. Our environments differ. Our circumstances differ and we pick the appropriate tool.” – David Socol

SAMR Model –engage in deep learning and authentic contexts

Other ideas I have crossed this week…

Success in teaching (FEAR)! Some things to reflect and consider for Part d.

Mystery Skype

My Trello aka digital checklist

USQ PE Forms quicklink

I may need to add to this post but, I have just hit the Prac booklets so I am now shifting my focus to PE.

Kia K



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