Reflection – Week 7

Week 7 is now conpleted. I keep forgetting about the lectures but luckily due to ICT failures and holidays I was inly one behind 🙂

This week the daugnting prac/ progessional expwrience became a whole lot mre real!

I have started my part B for assignment 3. I contacted the school but, am yet to hear back so will call again on Monday. My questions are primarily to do with part B in the sense of room ratios etc but, also what ICT is available and what routines and special needs to I need to consider. My vlass is also a composote so how do I do that? Do we split the class or teach mostly the same but, how does the curriculum work in that instance?

I was a little unsure of the final section of part B but after listening to the lecture i feel more confident in writing how I would plan with the hypothetical exampler of a late arvo conversation you need to teach a class that is not a strength…

I just scanned my emails and this page was linkes to our diigo group. I am in my phone and unable to link much but here’s the URL and thr comments were “The bame says it all”.

The final section that I missed in the learning path and weigh station (if still relevant).. Is coding. Again I can’t link well as on phone but note to self look up QlD gov #codingcounts

kia K


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