Assignment 1 MIA

I get things happen and assignment release dates get pushed back. For both my subjects though they’re 3 days late… By student standards that’s ticked up minus 15% percent.

Normally I don’t care but, both subject and looming second assignment due dates… It’s getting a bit beyond it!

I often use my first assignment to gauge my future assignments in the sense of marking and feedback. With the learning path way we are now meant to be completing Part B of Assignment 3 without any feedback!! What the?!

Well, never the less I hope Mr marker marker hurries up and the mediation goes well and we all get good marks! I think one area that annoyed me was that a weekend away was thrown into the assignment release excuse! Well NO! An anniversary is a known date you include that into your allowances.

Anyways Rant over. There will be no reflection this week unless I get my marks back as there wasn’t a lot to reflect on! We learned about safety and cyber bullying and it was pretty straight forward.

Kia K


One thought on “Assignment 1 MIA

  1. did i miss something about a marker using hte excuse he/she had an anniversary?
    how about the rest of us putting our lives on hold missing kids special days at school, or telling spouses sorry have to do blah blah for uni, i agree not an excuse at all 😦
    I want that extra 15% too 😉


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