When I read CLEM I just thought of the Brisbane CLEM 7 bypass… Surely not. Nope Nope Nope it’s another ICT Acronym….

In short CLEM is a framework to help me/us/you understand and use new ICTs.

Quick pointers:

C- community… Mainly web based pages filled with rescources
L- Literature… Research theory etc that accompanies ICTs
E- Examplers… Where we generally go to for info

Start with the model of an ICT as that frames our thinking, schema, and understanding of an ICT. Then progress the CLE.

In really short GOOGLE IT


Communities by Vendors:


Example uses and ideas fro using an IWB:

^^ Fav quick ideas in a slide form



^^ Fav book with lots of how to’s and pictures


So Mr IWB how beneficial are you to the transformation of student’s learning… Aghhh the same answer to most questions in ICT – It depends on the context and how it is used 🙂

IWB Framework

Kia K


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