End of the Path!

Well I have a reflection to do for the end of this week and then it’s just Professional Experience (PE) whinging, crying, and boasting left!

So far I have completed the pathways except for the very last section (as advised). I think the last book needs to be read in most part to ensure you are being thorough on prac. For different term set ups some people read it post PE and have to recall experiences from each day of PE… Yep I am glad I read this prior to PE! I have organised to write each day about my ICT specific experiences and begin to reflect, group, ant learn from them as I go… There is a quote in Week 10 about reflection and how learners gain more if they reflect apposed to practice… I hope by reflecting as I go I can do both?!? But, I will also be sure to reflect more broadly as I put together Part D of my assignment post Professional Experience.

I am EXCITED to not have to read too much any more.

I am THRILLED I am up to my LAST Uni assignment… EVER (I say ever but, truth be known give me a year or two and I will be back).

I am RELUCTANT to start typing part b…

I am SCARED to be going on PE! I haven’t been in a school since I left school and my degree is for LDC purposes…

I am INTERESTED to see if this PE will inspire me to become a registered teacher or run for the hills and stay in LDC 🙂

Kia K



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