Week 10 – meet & greet

SO yesterday I met my mentor teacher and had a quick wave to “my” class duringn their art leason.

It was nice to chat but, I feel overwhelmed. Seriously the last time I went into a primary school I was a primary school student!

So my school really do have ICT implimented well. I wouldn’t say in inovative ways that transform learning but, definately in ways that amplify the students learning.

In my class is a IWB and 5 desktop computers. Also the students bring their own iPads. The school also has a photo lab and my mentor was estatic to show me some poc collage print outs shes done with the children for their portfolios. My me tor teacher also has ICT as a PD fovus so she is excited to swap notes.

Currently I am looking through their digital citizenship book. The school doesnt seem to have policies as such in place as yet but, just lesson ideas. I assume teachers just do and dint understand why…

I have to run but plan on sharing some links and inital lesson plan ideas ASAP

victoria info

nsw link to quiz

Kia K


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