Everything Happens For A Reason… RIGHT?! (Vent Post)

During our last weigh station someone mentioned they have  a daycare prac… I AM DOING MY BECH!!!! Why the F am I not in a daycare? I don’t teach, I don’t want to be  a teacher, and I can’t teach with a BECH!

I am trying to think rationally and the school prac may help me decide if I want my registration. See if schools is a passion I never knew I had…

But, seriously USQ I am enrolled in BECH with focus on <5/ no registration stick ME IN A DAYCARE! I am completing Bach to have second Bach within a centre (along with ECT) before 2020. Gah – I am cranky.

But, again as a director going back into a centre is pointless (Cue my nursery prac 2 years ago where even the  prac director was like WTF are you doing here?) I wonder if it’s just USQ or every uni that has no idea.

I will hold onto the mantra I am going on prac in a school to 1. say I have 2. realise I want to be a school teacher and not a director 3.experience 4.something new, different, and challenging.

*positive thoughts*

Kia K



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