Maths Insights

I have finished my prac – woooo hooooo!

However I got my review email of points and the way I have gone back to re link things hasn’t worked so  Ineed to do two more posts…. So rather than read the ICT Moodle books again I am going to smack out some links in here that I learned about and used on prac that I think are good resources.

The school I was at for PE used Goodger Maths Program. I had no idea what Goodger Maths was buy, took an active role in some classes and think its great. All I had heard was it was old but, worked. I t is very individualized and the students had resources to use in different books… Anyways great program I like it.


I also was a fan of Mathletics and my Mentor teacher was not very great at it however, I managed to get into the teacher sign in. Disable the games, set the right groups and difficulties and take most of the math tabs away that we did not need to focus on for reporting. Lastly, we gave out all the certificates that the students had unknowingly gained and HAZAR M athletics is now a goer in the room as everyone wants a certificate! Not on my success list as not a lesson plan but good on me 🙂


Lastly, BUZZ and 11. Great games. Buzz count to a number that number sits down and around and around you go. Also use a skip count game. Add extra numbers if need be to speed the game up. Wrongly said numbers also sit down… Then I made up (which I am sure many before me have too) ZUBB. Yep, same game but for subtraction/ counting backwards 🙂


Kia Kenny




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