Week 9 – Reflection

Second last week done and dusted!

I tried to make the midnight gathering aka the way station and fell asleep.

I got my marks back and all is good. There really wasn’t any feedback at all but, that’s ok as the assignments are quite different.

I meet my mentor teacher next Monday which will be exciting and I am sure daunting all in one experience. I look forward to prac in the coming weeks! I am however, also very much looking forward to a break of some sort as the set up of this course this semester just kept keeping on.

Not a lot to reflect on… I am happy with where I am, I am happy with mark, and I will will have more to say next week after meeting with my mentor teacher 🙂

Kia K


End of the Path!

Well I have a reflection to do for the end of this week and then it’s just Professional Experience (PE) whinging, crying, and boasting left!

So far I have completed the pathways except for the very last section (as advised). I think the last book needs to be read in most part to ensure you are being thorough on prac. For different term set ups some people read it post PE and have to recall experiences from each day of PE… Yep I am glad I read this prior to PE! I have organised to write each day about my ICT specific experiences and begin to reflect, group, ant learn from them as I go… There is a quote in Week 10 about reflection and how learners gain more if they reflect apposed to practice… I hope by reflecting as I go I can do both?!? But, I will also be sure to reflect more broadly as I put together Part D of my assignment post Professional Experience.

I am EXCITED to not have to read too much any more.

I am THRILLED I am up to my LAST Uni assignment… EVER (I say ever but, truth be known give me a year or two and I will be back).

I am RELUCTANT to start typing part b…

I am SCARED to be going on PE! I haven’t been in a school since I left school and my degree is for LDC purposes…

I am INTERESTED to see if this PE will inspire me to become a registered teacher or run for the hills and stay in LDC 🙂

Kia K



When I read CLEM I just thought of the Brisbane CLEM 7 bypass… Surely not. Nope Nope Nope it’s another ICT Acronym….

In short CLEM is a framework to help me/us/you understand and use new ICTs.

Quick pointers:

C- community… Mainly web based pages filled with rescources
L- Literature… Research theory etc that accompanies ICTs
E- Examplers… Where we generally go to for info

Start with the model of an ICT as that frames our thinking, schema, and understanding of an ICT. Then progress the CLE.

In really short GOOGLE IT


Communities by Vendors:




Example uses and ideas fro using an IWB:


^^ Fav quick ideas in a slide form





^^ Fav book with lots of how to’s and pictures



So Mr IWB how beneficial are you to the transformation of student’s learning… Aghhh the same answer to most questions in ICT – It depends on the context and how it is used 🙂

IWB Framework

Kia K

Assignment 1 MIA

I get things happen and assignment release dates get pushed back. For both my subjects though they’re 3 days late… By student standards that’s ticked up minus 15% percent.

Normally I don’t care but, both subject and looming second assignment due dates… It’s getting a bit beyond it!

I often use my first assignment to gauge my future assignments in the sense of marking and feedback. With the learning path way we are now meant to be completing Part B of Assignment 3 without any feedback!! What the?!

Well, never the less I hope Mr marker marker hurries up and the mediation goes well and we all get good marks! I think one area that annoyed me was that a weekend away was thrown into the assignment release excuse! Well NO! An anniversary is a known date you include that into your allowances.

Anyways Rant over. There will be no reflection this week unless I get my marks back as there wasn’t a lot to reflect on! We learned about safety and cyber bullying and it was pretty straight forward.

Kia K

What’s Changed? – Suggested blog


  • Do you now feel able to:
    • Describe “the issues and strategies available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching”;
    • Identify your PE site’s existing policies and processes related to the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching;
    • Describe what ICT skills are required of your learners by your curriculum; and,
    • Integrate this knowledge into your response to Part B of assignment 3.
  • What aren’t you ready to do? Why?
  • What, if anything, about your planning for Professional Experience has changed as a result of this week’s learning path?
  • During the last few hours I have also been working on Part B and am very envious of this blogger who has a strong school affiliation already! I also enjoyed the sum up of this blogger for this weeks learning pathway. I find it interesting how we are all on the same path but it is so different for each of us and the information and experiences we encounter are all so different.

Kia K


Week 8 – Suggested Blog

It has been suggested to blog along this week answering the below questions.

  1. Briefly outlines your knowledge and experience with digital citizenship and the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT in your personal and professional lives;You might like to include what you know or have experience around bullying, cyber-bullying, spamming, phishing, identity theft etc. 

    Safe and responsible use of ICT would be to ensure students are not being put in vulnerable positions or using inappropriate sites. An inappropriate site may be Facebook, chat rooms, or using search engines incorrectly. As a teacher I would need to ensure sites used are appropriate and that student’s are aware of safety concerns like not giving away personal information or breaching confidentiality. I too need to ensure I abide to this and in the sense of prac and this blog I practice confidentiality.Internet can be a wonderful tool but, also a scary one. For instance the recent news story how an oversees website was used to display Australian school kids anonymously doing sexual acts in their uniforms. OMG!

    Bullying too is a scary element of the internet where face to face bullying only occurs in school grounds over the internet it’s there in the person’s face at any time and they can’t switch off of it. Trolling for famous people would be horrendous too.

    Lastly as we worked through this semester we were exposed to ethical use of ICT including the misuse of copyrighted materials. This too is a consideration for myself and other teachers.

  2. Summarises your results for each of the quizzes you’ll be asked to complete soon; 

    Bullying quiz – I got 50% I got that face to face bullying is still the leading cause of bullying wrong and that bullys have low self-esteem wrong.Cyber safety – I got 2 wrong as mention below. Keep URL for site as resource.

  3. Includes your critical reflections on those quizzes, their content, and what it says about what you thought and wrote for point 1. 

    Bullying – I thought bullying was often done by little a****s that had low self esteem not the opposite. I assumed if you’re unhappy with yourself they would take out on others and also maybe be victim to it from an older sibling or at home, then mimic the behavior. I also thought that internet based bullying would be the leading due to apps and programs such as Facebook and even just texting on a phone. I knew that teaching a child to be assertive wouldn’t solve bullying as it needs a multidimensional approach from all parties not just the victim. Lastly, I forget the last question… I’ll come back if I can recall it.Cyber Safety – Question 1 Sarah emails saying I’m a loser… I kept this email to show my parents but the correct answer was delete? I think that’s wrong… maybe in this instance where your a loser could be deleted but, if it escalated to death threats etc I think the thread should be kept in it entirety… Plus keep to show the school to and use as evidence when talking to Sarah’s parents. This is then rectified later with a text message with a similar scenario where you keep the text…
    The other question I got wrong was giving away your email in a sign up safe page… I guess as an adult everything I sign up to asks for my email so to me its normal. For students on safe sights though I assume it is not.

    What do I know what have I learnt? I know the general gist but, learnt more about ‘safe sites’. School scenarios and ages would effect the cyber safety responses I got wrong – I feel. Bullying is horrible and as a mum the net scares me for my children – I don’t want them exposed to bullying in the warmth and comfort of there own home 😦



Reflection – Week 7

Week 7 is now conpleted. I keep forgetting about the lectures but luckily due to ICT failures and holidays I was inly one behind 🙂

This week the daugnting prac/ progessional expwrience became a whole lot mre real!

I have started my part B for assignment 3. I contacted the school but, am yet to hear back so will call again on Monday. My questions are primarily to do with part B in the sense of room ratios etc but, also what ICT is available and what routines and special needs to I need to consider. My vlass is also a composote so how do I do that? Do we split the class or teach mostly the same but, how does the curriculum work in that instance?

I was a little unsure of the final section of part B but after listening to the lecture i feel more confident in writing how I would plan with the hypothetical exampler of a late arvo conversation you need to teach a class that is not a strength…

I just scanned my emails and this page was linkes to our diigo group. I am in my phone and unable to link much but here’s the URL and thr comments were “The bame says it all”.


The final section that I missed in the learning path and weigh station (if still relevant).. Is coding. Again I can’t link well as on phone but note to self look up QlD gov #codingcounts

kia K