I went to Professional Experience worried and scared but, my school rocked! I had never taught in a school as I did a daycare focused BECH. I loved it though and I hope to complete a Bach of Primary!

Anyways, I feel for the students who weren’t placed and the disheartening and hardship stories that have been shared which were caused through the Uni’s inability to place students in Professional Experience.

To all the students enrolled and those who have followed my blog I would like to wish you all the best in your future studies and I may cross paths with you again online as I continue on with another Bachelor in Education.

Today I got a speech, some cards, a lunch, and my favourite a rock with my initials ‘MK’ for Mrs Kenny 🙂


Kia K


School Yard Games

One area I never really thought of after HPE course was school yard games.


My school did fitness twice a week which was a 3 lap oval run. To make fair the raffle ticket holders (past winners) started a 1/4 oval behind for each raffle ticket in the hope that all the student will win a ticket with the handicap by end of term.

Also they did sport like ball handing etc….

But we also did Cosmic yoga! From frog jumping to banana bending to star wars themes this great resource is perfect for a quiet sport… and the children love it and ask for it again and again and again!

Also The Aboriginal guide to traditional games is a good guide.

And if in doubt an old google search for some classic simple games. they Loved Ship, shark, shore. Line tiggy. Fruit Salad… and all the goodies I remember from my schooling days too!


Kia K



Maths Insights

I have finished my prac – woooo hooooo!

However I got my review email of points and the way I have gone back to re link things hasn’t worked so  Ineed to do two more posts…. So rather than read the ICT Moodle books again I am going to smack out some links in here that I learned about and used on prac that I think are good resources.

The school I was at for PE used Goodger Maths Program. I had no idea what Goodger Maths was buy, took an active role in some classes and think its great. All I had heard was it was old but, worked. I t is very individualized and the students had resources to use in different books… Anyways great program I like it.


I also was a fan of Mathletics and my Mentor teacher was not very great at it however, I managed to get into the teacher sign in. Disable the games, set the right groups and difficulties and take most of the math tabs away that we did not need to focus on for reporting. Lastly, we gave out all the certificates that the students had unknowingly gained and HAZAR M athletics is now a goer in the room as everyone wants a certificate! Not on my success list as not a lesson plan but good on me 🙂


Lastly, BUZZ and 11. Great games. Buzz count to a number that number sits down and around and around you go. Also use a skip count game. Add extra numbers if need be to speed the game up. Wrongly said numbers also sit down… Then I made up (which I am sure many before me have too) ZUBB. Yep, same game but for subtraction/ counting backwards 🙂


Kia Kenny



Trying to put together a Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan

I have been so sick and out of it. I am thankful it is before prac and not during as I have no time to make it up! But, now I am stuck without much research and am trying to put a lesson plan to use in the computer lab this Wednesday about digital citizenship.

The school has an ideas book and I am looking at different states webpages. Some good links for future/ this planning:

Digital Citizenship NSW

Scope & Sequence of DC

Teacher PD and Upper primary (n/a this prac) resources

Education Facility Resources

Hectors World: Lower primary short film series

Cyber Smart Quiz ages 6+

THINK >Tell mum or dad, hide password, interesting games, name calling, keep info private


Parent resources:





There is so much info I am trying to combine it into a lesson plan… Time to start using the backwards model!!




Everything Happens For A Reason… RIGHT?! (Vent Post)

During our last weigh station someone mentioned they have  a daycare prac… I AM DOING MY BECH!!!! Why the F am I not in a daycare? I don’t teach, I don’t want to be  a teacher, and I can’t teach with a BECH!

I am trying to think rationally and the school prac may help me decide if I want my registration. See if schools is a passion I never knew I had…

But, seriously USQ I am enrolled in BECH with focus on <5/ no registration stick ME IN A DAYCARE! I am completing Bach to have second Bach within a centre (along with ECT) before 2020. Gah – I am cranky.

But, again as a director going back into a centre is pointless (Cue my nursery prac 2 years ago where even the  prac director was like WTF are you doing here?) I wonder if it’s just USQ or every uni that has no idea.

I will hold onto the mantra I am going on prac in a school to 1. say I have 2. realise I want to be a school teacher and not a director 3.experience 4.something new, different, and challenging.

*positive thoughts*

Kia K


Initial ICT PE ideas – IWB & YouTube

Initial links and ideas…

Math IWB – Algebra, place value, & money

Math YouTube – books, place value songs, and skip counting songs.

Science – Properties. YouTube, Primary Connections,

Integrated studies – local community including mapping – Use google earth too. Photos of area onto PPT or collage with Pic Collage app, or make into a book using an app.

English IWB – nouns, verbs, author perspective and purpose Sight words, handwriting.

English YouTube – nouns, verbs, perspectives >>3 little pigs and what the wolf’s version = perspective… (Not sure if relevant to direction staff are thinking).

ICT- citizenship… In the computer lab I would like to use the school created resource book about internet safety and complete the ONLINE QUIZ.

Don’t forget to refer to checklist.

Week 10 – meet & greet

SO yesterday I met my mentor teacher and had a quick wave to “my” class duringn their art leason.

It was nice to chat but, I feel overwhelmed. Seriously the last time I went into a primary school I was a primary school student!

So my school really do have ICT implimented well. I wouldn’t say in inovative ways that transform learning but, definately in ways that amplify the students learning.

In my class is a IWB and 5 desktop computers. Also the students bring their own iPads. The school also has a photo lab and my mentor was estatic to show me some poc collage print outs shes done with the children for their portfolios. My me tor teacher also has ICT as a PD fovus so she is excited to swap notes.

Currently I am looking through their digital citizenship book. The school doesnt seem to have policies as such in place as yet but, just lesson ideas. I assume teachers just do and dint understand why…

I have to run but plan on sharing some links and inital lesson plan ideas ASAP

victoria info

nsw link to quiz

Kia K